Niko Steel & Engineering LLP maintain a high level of quality standards through stringent quality test at all levels of production from our committed personnel along with sound infrastructure. We use fine quality of raw materials for our products to ensure that we get the best quality of finished products. We also provide material test certificates for our products during supplying of products or as demanded by client. We have a strict quality test to ensure the dimensions and mechanical properties of the materials matches the clients requirements.

For us, quality is about utility and applicability for which the product was bought rather than only durability and defect free nature of the product. Therefore, we try to produce products that can fulfil different purpose and requirements. We have a stringent quality test to ensure that the product has zero defects and are of good quality with international standards. Each stage of production has its own quality test and we only source raw materials from reputed, reliable and established vendors.

Our quality testing system follows unique working culture which promotes principals like creativity, open communication, self-management, and respect.

People forget the price, but remember the low quality of product, so we follow strong quality test at every stage of production. Understanding customer requirement and ensuring the supply of products as per the requirement and possible only with the help of high quality test at each level of production of our quality control team.

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