Industrial Bolts
Stainless steel, iron and carbon steel fabricated Bolts are used as suitable fastening or fitting accessories for a number of home apparatus, industrial machinery and automobiles. These can be accessed with nickel plated or chrome plated or galvanized surface finishing option. These metal accessories are acknowledged for their high tensile strength, precise diameter, good thermal conduction efficiency level and compact shape.
Anchor Fasteners

Anchor Bolts aid to connect structural as well as non-structural components to the concrete. The assembly is fabricated by a gathering of dissimilar components. These are applicable to attach objects as well as numerous other structures.

Industrial Nuts

Precisely designed Nuts are used as suitable fastening medium for a number of machinery, electrical appliances and automobile components. Metals like stainless steel and alloy steel of different grades have been chosen as their raw materials. Importance has been given on checking their premium quality on the basis of their physical strength, pulling capacity and the type of surface treatment.

Industrial Washers

Super duplex steel, haste alloy, nickel ally, duplex steel and stainless steel produced Washers can be accessed in plain type and spring type specifications options. Nickel plated or hot dip galvanized treated or zinc plated surface of these metal parts can endure damaging effects of high temperature and rust. Precise shape, light weight and high performance are the key features of these products.

Socket Screw

Socket Screws we render are valuable for applications with insufficient space. These are offered with cylindrical head and come with several wrenching features. These are laudable for their safety and steadiness.

Machine Screw

Machine Screws are applicable for making concealed connections between two fragments. These can offer security to a metal part to a precise surface. The screws are supplied with numerous sizes as well as lengths.

Self Tapping Screw

Provided Self-tapping Screws are the rivets, which can tap their own hovel as these are driven into the substantial. These are capable to drill their own little passageways.

Threaded Rods
Notable for their threaded end design, the offered range of Threaded Rods can be accessed in different diameter options. Different grades of stainless steel, nickel alloy, haste alloy and super duplex metal have been used to fabricate these rods. Galvanized or zinc plated rust proof surface of these metal rods ensures about their extended functional life. High tensile strength is one of their unique attributes.

Ergonomically developed Screws are used as indispensable fastening or joining components for various machinery. These light weight metal accessories are offered with passivated or zinc plated surface. Easy to install, these items are made of good quality nickel alloy, haste alloy and stainless steel of different grades. The standard quality of these items has been verified on the basis of their working life, durability and precision of design.
Our company's flanges are frequently utilized in industrial, institutional, and commercial applications. These flanges are made of steel and come in a range of pressure and styles grades.
Industrial Hooks

We offer high-quality Hooks, which are proffered with optimal function in all kinds of applications. These come with best attachment options as well as boosted durability.

Threaded Bar
Threaded bars are distinguished by their threaded ends and are available in a variety of diameters. These bars were constructed using various nickel alloy grades, stainless steel, super duplex metal, and haste alloy.
Pipe Fittings
Pipe fittings made of super duplex steel, haste alloy, nickel alloy, duplex steel, and stainless steel are available in spring and plain types specifications. These metal parts' nickel-plated, hot-dip galvanized, or zinc plated surfaces can withstand the destructive effects of rust and high temperature.
Tube Fittings
The tube fittings offered are fabricated from superior grade mild steel and stainless steel. These anchors, available in various head patterns, deserve commendation for their application-specific structure, high-temperature resistance, and long-lasting surface finishing.
CNC Components And Fabrication
Our cnc components and fabrication are chemically composed, shaped, and mechanically characterized under steel industry standards. They are easily attached, soldered, and sliced into various forms, styles, and sizes. These can also be installed on-site immediately after they are offered to the consumers.
Syphon Tubes
Our syphon tubes are advantageous for situations with limited space. These are available with a cylindrical head and contain a variety of wrenching features, and these are commendable for their security and stability.

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